2016: 1,814 Children Treated | 934 Parents and Caregivers Served

clinicalcareKempe provides direct care to children who are victims of abuse or neglect through our Child Protection Team and the IMHOFF Behavioral Health Clinic. Additionally, we partner with local county human services agencies and nonprofits to implement programs aimed at helping foster youth, families and children.

  • Kempe Child Protection Team | Offers comprehensive, multidisciplinary consultation, assessment, treatment, and referral services for children and adolescents who may have been physically or sexually abused or neglected.
  • IMHOFF Clinic | Offers comprehensive and extensive mental health clinic services to children and families and is treating more abused children than ever before to help break the generational cycle of abuse and neglect.
  • Child Trauma Program | Gives trauma exposed children access to the highest quality mental health treatment by providing evidence- based clinical services, training of professionals, and collaborating with the National Child Traumatic Stress Network to bring expertise from all over the United States to Colorado families.
  • Fostering Healthy Futures | Mentoring fosters resilience and promotes success for pre-adolescents and teens who have been placed in foster care following abuse or neglect.

To learn more about our Clinical Care services, visit The Kempe Center website.

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