Kempe cares about families. Kempe experts have a lot of great information for parents and caretakers who are looking for information about how to prevent, treat or report suspected child abuse or neglect.

Parenting and Caregiver Center

Know the Warning Signs

Everyone has a role to play in keeping children safe. We encourage you to learn the warning signs of child abuse and neglect.

Warning signs of child abuse and neglect:

  • Multiple bruises or injuries that keep coming back.
  • Being sad or angry; may act withdrawn, fearful or depressed.
  • Changes in behavior, sudden mood-swings.
  • Nightmares or trouble sleeping.
  • “Acting out” or engaging in risky behavior.
  • Frequently late or absent from school.
  • Avoids or delays going home after school.
  • Obviously unhealthy, such as being sick or tired most of the time.
  • Dirty or poor personal hygiene, inadequately clothed.

Signs that a parent could get abusive:

  • Appear overwhelmed and stressed out.
  • Uses harsh physical discipline with child.
  • Constantly belittles or humiliates child.
  • Parenting seriously affected by substance abuse or untreated mental health issue.

Parenting Tips

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Whether you are looking for ways to soothe your baby, ask for advice about what to do when your child is acting out, or determine if your child is on the right development path, Kempe and our partners have many resources to help.

  • CO4KIDS | Everyone plays a role in preventing child abuse and neglect. Kempe is a campaign partner of the Colorado Child Abuse and Neglect Public Awareness Campaign to engage all Coloradans in the prevention of child abuse. 
  • SafeCare Colorado | a program for families with newborns to children up to age 5 that provides parents and caregivers with skills that address home safety, parenting, and children’s health needs.

How to Ask for Help

Everyone needs help caring for children. The Kempe Center offers a variety of medical and behavioral health clinical services to help children and families deal with the consequences of abuse and neglect.

  • Kempe Child Protection Team | provides comprehensive medical evaluations during weekly outpatient clinic and through inpatient and emergency department consultations at Children’s Hospital Colorado.
  • IMHOFF Clinic | offers a variety of services that are family-based and short-term with the goal of improving children’s mental health, building their developmental competencies and improving family functioning.

Report Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect

A child who is being abused or neglected, often doesn’t know how to ask for help. That’s why they need you. Please call to report suspected child abuse and neglect and let a professional decide how best to help the child.

  • Colorado: 1-844-CO-4-KIDS (1-844-264-5437)
  • Nationally: 1-800-422-4453
  • Immediate Danger: Dial 9-1-1