Kempe is actively involved in statewide and national public policy discussions related to children’s issues and child abuse and neglect. Our involvement includes drafting, supporting and monitoring legislation.

Over the past few years, Kempe has been actively involved in Colorado’s child welfare system improvements. As part of Governor Hickenlooper’s “Keeping Kids Safe and Families Healthy 2.0” plan, Kempe partnered with the state and many other groups to develop and launch the Colorado Child Welfare Training Academy, and we are partnering with the state and several community partners on SafeCare Colorado.

We have worked with legislators like Colorado State Senator Linda Newell, public officials, community members, and child protective services to address improvements to the child welfare system, implement new prevention strategies and educate professionals and mandatory reporters.

We are a resource for legislators and public officials surrounding matters related to child abuse and neglect, human trafficking, marijuana’s impact on children and much more.

Recent Legislation

  • Colorado State House and Senate Bills Passed Regarding Child Welfare
    • HB 14-1032: Ensures that juveniles understand their rights to counsel, have access to counsel and a court shall not accept a waiver of that right in more serious cases.
    • HB 14-1042: Concerning access by birth parents to records relating to the relinquishment of parental rights.
    • HB 14-1074: Concerning tax-exempt properties charging reasonable expenses for long-term maintenance and upgrades to non-profit tenants.
    • HB 14-1122 : Keeps legal marijuana from underage persons through packaging requirements, plus gives the retail store the ability to confiscate fraudulent identification and detain and question the person providing such identification.
    • HB 14-1148: Concerning guidelines for ensuring the rights of victims of crime to participate in the criminal justice system.
    • HB 14-1260: Concerning penalties for sex offenses against a child under 12.
    • HB 14-1271: Concerning extending a mental health provider’s duty to warn to include specific entities that, if purposefully damaged or attacked as a result of a mental health patient’s violent behavior, would jeopardize public health and safety.
    • HB 14-1273: Criminal offenses relating to human trafficking.
    • HB 14-1361: Concerning the authority of the state licensing authority to establish equivalences for retail marijuana products.
    • HB 14-1366: Concerning reasonable restriction on the sale of edible retail marijuana products.
    • HB 14-1372: Concerning unauthorized advertising for adoption purposes.
    • SB 14-062: Concerning reinstatement of the parent-child legal relationship.
    • SB 14-201: Concerning reestablishing a child protection ombudsman advisory work group to develop a plan for accountable autonomy for the child protection ombudsman program.
    • SB 14-203: Concerning the office of the respondent parents’ counsel in cases of alleged child abuse or neglect.
    • SB 14-215: Provides for the disposition of marijuana related revenues, to appropriate $100,000 for the Child Welfare Training Academy for training related to marijuana use and abuse.

Vital Topics

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences and Toxic Stress
    Learn how child abuse impacts victims long into adulthood. Learn More