The Kempe Center is the only national child abuse prevention and treatment organization to employ pediatricians, psychologists, professors, emergency room doctors, researchers, trainers, attorneys, and ethicists. Our robust and diverse team enables us to provide a holistic approach to identifying the underlying causes of child abuse and neglect in hopes of one day putting an end to this systemic issue. We are the only organization of its kind to partner with a Children’s Hospital and University.

Kempe provides many opportunities for doctors, clinicians and researchers to learn. Our research integrates an innovative and active applied research program. Since the 1950s, Kempe professionals have contributed to more than 700 publications on the etiology, diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, management and prevention of physical and sexual child abuse and child neglect.

Kempe Learning Center

Vital Health Topics

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences and Toxic Stress
    Learn how child abuse impacts victims long into adulthood. Learn More