Providing Support for Prevention and Treatment

Our Support

From the beginning, The Kempe Foundation has provided fundraising and advocacy support for the experts at The Kempe Center. The Center has been a leader in the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect for more than 45 years. Today, The Center’s programs include medical and behavioral health services, training for child welfare professionals and research on the causes and impacts of abuse.

As The Kempe Foundation has evolved, we have shifted our focus to include support for and distribution of programs developed by other professionals. We look for programs that are proven to prevent child abuse and neglect from happening, advance training for professionals in the field, and improve child welfare systems in the U.S. and abroad.

The Kempe Center’s Mission

The Kempe Center improves the care and well-being of all children by strengthening families, communities, and the systems that serve them.

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Program Highlights


Kempe partners with the Colorado Department of Human Services to provide support for at-risk families and parent-child interactions, home safety and child health. A 2017 program evaluation showed families who completed the program were less likely to have an open child welfare case six months after completion. View the most recent program update.

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Fostering Healthy Futures®

The Fostering Healthy Futures® (FHF) program is an evidence-based intervention for preadolescent children in out-of-home care. The program includes structured mentoring and group-based skills training to promote healthy youth development and reduce trauma-related symptoms and behaviors. View the most recent program update about Fostering Healthy Futures for Teens.

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Child Welfare Training System

Kempe partners with the Colorado Department of Human Services to develop and implement the Child Welfare Training System (CWTS) – an advanced adult learning system for child welfare workers, other professionals, foster parents and mandatory reporters. View the most recent program update.

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The Child Abuse Response and Evaluation (CARE) Network engages health care and behavioral health providers across Colorado with the best education and training on conducting medical exams and behavioral health assessments to identify signs and risks of child maltreatment or trauma. Providers also learn about the resources available to families to mitigate those risks and expand the safety net for children. View the most recent program update.

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TRIP Program

The Trauma-Responsive Implementation and Practice (TRIP) program at The Kempe Center integrates, enhances and implements trauma-responsive and culturally appropriate practices for parents, educators and others to help mitigate the impact of trauma. The program provides direct evidence-based clinical services to children and families, facilitates trainings for professionals across the human service fields and offers implementation guidance for child, youth and family-serving agencies. View the most recent program update.

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Child Protection Team

Attending to children brought into the Children’s Hospital Colorado, the Child Protection Team’s mission is to offer comprehensive, multidisciplinary consultation, assessment, treatment and referral services for children and adolescents who may have been physically or sexually abused or neglected. Best practice, family centered care is provided by dedicated clinicians who help the hospital and community identify, treat and console abused and neglected children. Our comprehensive team program of clinical care, education, research and advocacy was  the first of its kind in the nation, founded by Dr. Kempe in 1958. Read about the team’s 60th anniversary.

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